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Unlocking Solutions: 10 Common Door Lock Problems and Tips

As the owner of MobileLocksmithPGH in Pittsburgh, we understand the significance of secure door locks for both residential and commercial properties. However, encountering door lock problems can be an inconvenience that compromises security. In this article, we, at MobileLocksmithPGH, will discuss ten common door lock issues and provide valuable tips and tricks to tackle them effectively. Whether you’re facing a misaligned strike plate or dealing with a broken key, we’ve got you covered!

  1. Key Doesn’t Turn Smoothly: Problem: When your key struggles to turn smoothly in the lock, it might be due to dirt, debris, or a misaligned lock. Solution: As a DIY solution, try using graphite or a silicone-based lubricant to lubricate the lock. If the issue persists, reach out to MobileLocksmithPGH (412-507-7814) for professional lock realignment or replacement services.
  2. Worn-out Key: Problem: With time, keys can wear down, making it difficult to unlock the door. Solution: Don’t wait for a key to break; get a new key made by our expert locksmiths using the original key or lock’s code. Avoid using duplicate keys that might worsen the problem.
  3. Stiff Lock Mechanism: Problem: A lock that feels rigid might have internal components that require lubrication or replacement. Solution: Give the lock some care by lubricating it with appropriate lubricants. If the problem persists, allow MobileLocksmithPGH (412-507-7814) to inspect and repair the internal components for you.
  4. Misaligned Strike Plate: Problem: A misaligned strike plate can prevent the latch from fitting correctly into the strike hole, making the door difficult to lock. Solution: Rely on our skilled locksmiths to adjust the strike plate for you, ensuring that the latch fits seamlessly into the strike hole, ensuring proper locking.
  5. Loose Door Handle: Problem: A loose door handle may indicate loose screws or worn-out components. Solution: Contact MobileLocksmithPGH (412-507-7814) to have our experts tighten the screws holding the handle. If necessary, we can repair or replace any worn-out components for you.
  6. Frozen Lock: Problem: During cold weather, door locks can freeze, rendering them difficult to operate. Solution: Safely thaw the lock using a de-icing product or a hairdryer. However, avoid using hot water, as it can cause damage. For advanced assistance, reach out to MobileLocksmithPGH (412-507-7814).
  7. Deadbolt Doesn’t Extend Fully: Problem: The deadbolt may not extend fully into the strike plate, compromising security. Solution: Our expert locksmiths can assess the door alignment and adjust the strike plate or latch to ensure the deadbolt extends fully and provides maximum security.
  8. Key Broken in Lock: Problem: Accidentally breaking a key inside the lock can be frustrating and prevent access. Solution: Call MobileLocksmithPGH (412-507-7814) for swift assistance. Our professionals have the right tools to extract the broken key safely.
  9. Faulty Electronic Locks: Problem: Electronic locks may face power failures or technical glitches, causing them to malfunction. Solution: Regularly change the batteries and opt for a manual key override option for emergencies. For complex electronic lock issues, count on MobileLocksmithPGH (412-507-7814) for expert repair services.
  10. Lost Keys: Problem: Losing your keys can be a security risk if they fall into the wrong hands. Solution: Don’t delay; immediately rekey or replace the locks for enhanced security.

Conclusion: As the owner of MobileLocksmithPGH, we are committed to providing top-notch lock and security solutions in Pittsburgh. Knowing the common door lock problems and their solutions can save you time, money, and keep your property secure. For any lock-related issues or professional assistance, don’t hesitate to contact MobileLocksmithPGH at 412-507-7814. Our team of skilled locksmiths is ready to serve you promptly and efficiently.

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